Max and Mindy

I spent the first year of my dog’s lives searching for the perfect groomer for Max and Mindy, before settling with Shari Russel. I saw it all. I tried the full gambit of service providers, from large full-service pet stores to small boutique grooming salons. You have heard horror stories about the large grooming mills, well let me tell you they are true.

What I learned from this whole process:

  • My dogs were stressed out by getting groomed outside the home. After returning home, my dogs would take a day to get back to be my ‘normal’ dogs.
  • Gone are the days of dragging the dogs to a rotating group of people called groomers. I would never know who or what type of treatment my dogs would get from grooming session.
  • The whole process of getting the dog to the groomers and back took triple the time I spend now getting my dogs groomed by Shari in the comfort of my own home
  • My dogs are happy to see Shari every time she arrives at my house and never get stressed out by the process
  • Shari takes special care to alert me to any special conditions with respect to their skin, paws, and ears.
  • Shari makes recommendations on product that work. She basis these recommendations from her many years in the industry

For 4 years now, Shari has provided my two dogs with best grooming services money can buy. If you use Shari’s dog grooming service, get ready to be tired of hearing how cute your dogs are when you are out walking with them. I was lucky that one of my neighbors who had Shari as their groomer leave the area and opened a spot for Max and Mindy.

–Robert O’Neill


Shari Russell has been taking care of Toby since February of 2014.   When I adopted Toby from the Rescue, he did not look like a cute little Cockapoo… he was a long haired, matted mess.

He had to completely displaced fractures on both front legs from being hit by a car and dumped at Animal Control with both legs duck taped.  Upon going to the All 4 Paws Rescue, he was trimmed so that he could have surgery, but nothing like the adorable little boy he is now.

He is almost 6 years old and has had so many surgeries.  Shari is so aware of his physical needs when we groom him.  She suggested a foam pad because he does not like a sling and cannot stand on his legs for too long.  He still doesn’t like it if you hold his front legs so we try to divert his attention and she moves from one area to another in the grooming process.

He is so relaxed, at times he falls asleep while she is trimming him!  He fidgets and Shari is so patient and gentle.  She is so aware of his needs, he was suffering from Cellulitis almost 2 years ago and it was Shari who identified the problem and honestly saved his life.  She also identified an issue with one of his legs that did not heal properly leaving him with a nonunion 2 years after surgery and a bump causing him to favor that leg and limp when walking.  She suggested that we go back to the surgeon and have him check it.  We had to have the surgery performed on that leg again due to the bone not healing properly and he is doing much better.

He has arthritis from the issues he has had and we are so grateful for the accommodations Shari makes to groom and love Toby.  He cannot go to the average groomer and needs the specialized attention that Shari has provided over the last 4 years.

We consider ourselves very blessed to have Shari in our lives.

The Best!

Shari has been grooming my babies for the past 15 years!! She is a true professional and I wouldn’t trust just anyone with my dogs!! They are so precious to me.

Shari is amazing and she is so loving and caring and I know that my babies are in good hands and when Shari is finished they look beautiful!!

Pampered Pedigrees Pet Grooming

12 Years!

We have had 12 years of  wonderful grooming from Shari.

Both of our dogs have always been SO excited to see her despite the fact they don’t like to get a bath!

She is a fantastic person, loves our dogs and makes them look great too!

–Colleen M.


I met Shari through the recommendation of a friend. Shari has started grooming my little rescue dog Nova.

Nova sheds all the time her – hair is everywhere. Shari recommended that we shave nova and it has made a world of difference in our lives.

Nova looks fantastic and is no longer leaving hair all over us and our furniture.

I would highly recommend Shari. She is great with dogs and her attention to detail is exceptional


Shari is THE BEST! She works with me to create the best cut for Ellie, my 2 yr old Cockapoo.

She works with my schedule and comes to our home so Ellie remains in her happy environment.

We are both happy to have Shari in our lives!


Dolce looks so forward to her monthly grooming with Shari. Shari is patient, kind, and has fostered a wonderful relationship with Dolce.

When finished, Dolce looks like a movie star!!

I couldn’t be happier.

Gracie and Shelbie

Shari has been clipping & dremeling my dogs nails for 12 years now. She is professional “very patient” & so loving towards my dogs. My dogs nails look awesome after she’s done.

My dogs absolutely love her. Shari is the BEST in the business, she has truly followed her calling. Her work is flawless. I will never use anyone else & neither should you!

Not to mention the convenience of her coming to your house.

I highly recommend her.


Shari is like no one I’ve ever met! I took my dog, Gus to various groomers and found either the groomers were not sensitive to my requests and concerns and/or Gus would come home and hide under the bed for a day (or more!) because it was such a traumatic experienced for him.

Finally, I decided to try a personal groomer…I researched and interviewed…as soon as I spoke to Shari on the phone, I knew she was the right one. I picked right up on her genuine loving care and sensitivity. Her experience spans decades, including experience as a veterinary technician.

When Shari arrived, Gus fell in love with her! We talked about what I wanted, what kind of temperament Gus had and his history. Shari’s attention to detail is outstanding! Gus always looks like a star after his grooming now and he gets compliments right and left afterward! Shari comes, sets up shop and cleans up shop as if I don’t even know she has been there. She even checks in the next day to see how Gus is doing because he is so sensitive about getting groomed.

I can’t say enough about Pampered Pedigrees, Gus and I are hooked!


Shari Russell is the quintessence in pampering for your beloved pets. She brings an artistic touch and great care to her work. She has looked after our dogs and cats for over 10 years and
she always leaves our pets with happy coats, nails and dispositions.

Her equipment, table and presentation is wonderfully set up in minutes and she spends time with each pet, prior to grooming, as she truly understands how it can be stressful for the animals
(and sometimes the clients!) She offers a sweet toy for the pups and her good nature and gentle touch leave us all smiling.

I would recommend Shari to anyone who prefers the ease and personal service of grooming your pets at home. She provides the ultimate service and keeps us all in harmony!

–The McGarry’s

Molly and Pippa

Chase & Brandy

Chase and Brandy

My dogs adore Shari and she does an amazing job with their challenging coats. She is always prompt, flexible, and a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend her!