Pampered Pedigrees Pet Grooming

Each grooming begins with an assessment of need. Every breed is different and there are numerous variations within the same breed. I work with you to determine your pets needs.

Bath, brush, and hand-dry are the basics.

Full grooms include clip, bath, nail trim, and filing. Ears are treated upon request.

Brush outs and baths are available.

Every dog is hand dried.

Top notch products and equipment are always used.


De-matting can be an extremely time-consuming and stressful endeavor. Because I am at your home, we can discuss needs and solutions together during my initial assessment, or at any time during the grooming if unforeseen issues arise.

I currently only work with small and medium-sized dogs.

Special Needs

I am very adept at dealing with animals with special needs.

Caring for pets who have physical challenges, have pins or plates, have had bad grooming experiences, or simply dislike strangers, all require a unique and individual approach.

I work with each pet to gain their trust, to alleviate their fears, and to offer a soothing experience.


Every dog is individual, but a general price is between $80-$125 for a 1 to 2 hour grooming session. I supply all grooming supplies and equipment.

Matted coats and other extremes can increase the cost, but all prices and services will be fully discussed beforehand.


Pampered Pedigrees Pet Grooming